The Foundations of Jyotisha



Learn The Right Way

What is so often lacking in the way Vedic Astrology is typically absorbed today is a systematic, approach that starts with establishing a very solid foundation in all the fundamentals of this great science and progressively building upon it. Too often students pick up disparate pieces in a disjointed way or worse, try to learn the more advanced concepts of Jyotisha while there are still major gaps in their understanding of the basics. The result is typically an undigested mass of information that cannot be usefully applied. The solution is a thorough grounding and rigorous testing in the core elements of this sacred vidya.

A Program For Beginners

The Foundations of Jyotisha is an online educational program aimed primarily at beginning students (or those who need to begin again) that addresses this need to learn Jyotisha in a structured, systematic way. Intermediate or even more advanced students may also find it valuable for filling in "gaps" in there understanding.

The program consists of a series of modules on all the core components of a birth chart and the fundamentals of interpretation. These modules are delivered through lively, interactive online webinars each of which is supported by extensive written material and recordings that enable students to repeat the lesson as many times as necessary to fully absorb the knowledge.

Core Modules

The Planets(Grahas)The Nine Great Cosmic Indicators
The Signs(Rashis)The Twelve Modifiers
The Houses(Bhavas)The Twelve Areas of Manifestation
The Lunar Mansions(Nakshatras)The Twenty-Seven "Brides" of the Moon

Module One: The Planets

Start Date:Sunday, June 19
Duration:8 weeks/lessons
Class Time:7:00 AM to 8:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time (-7)

Course Description

The nine grahas (literally "graspers") utilized in Jyotisha, consisting of the Sun, Moon, the five visible planets, Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, and the North and South Nodes of the Moon, are the first and most primary components of a Vedic birth chart. Interpretation begins with being able to recognize their varied conditions and states and from these to draw accurate inferences as to the karmic potentials that they indicate in a person's life. This course is aimed at thoroughly initiating students into all the important concepts necessary to make such an evaluation.

Classes will be conducted online by means of Zoom, a very user-friendly video conferencing platform with many interactive features. It is designed to be utilized on any device that can accesses the internet including smart phones, and automatically adjusts to your local band width. Each session will be recorded and subsequently distributed to participants, along with a written lesson with fully articulated learning points and all the illustrations.

Students will also have the option of participating in a closed Facebook group for weekly discussions and exercises aimed at solidifying learning.

You Will Learn

  • The karakatwa or primary indications of the nine planets (grahas)
  • Planetary lordship of the signs
  • Planetary aspects (graha drishti)
  • Planetary dignities
  • Planetary friendship and enmity
  • Different measures of planetary strength (graha bala) and how they are utilized
  • Planetary states (graha avashtas)
  • Planetary war (graha yudha)
  • All the special conditions of planets such as vargottama, combustion, retrogression, rashi sandhi, gandanta etc.

Each of the interpretive concepts will be explained in depth and profusely illustrated using the charts of well known personalities. Weekly exercises/quizzes and a rigorous final examination will allow students to measure their progress in mastering the material. Those students receiving passing grades will be awarded certificates of completion.