The Laghu Parashari


Laghu means "little" and Parashari refers to the system of astrology expounded in the Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra, a massive tome said to have been authored by Rishi Parashara consisting of over 100 chapters

The Laghu Parashari is comprised of only 42 verses divided into four chapters and is written in the same shloka style as the larger text. Its authorship is unknown, as is the date when it was written. It is a condensation of the most important interpretive principles of the Parashari system, and its brevity lends itself to memorization.

In particular, a good portion of it is a very condensed version of the two chapters in Parāśara Horā having to do with yogakarakas and marakas. It therefore deals primarily with the timing of very fortunate periods on the one hand and quite unfortunate ones on the other, periods when a person suffers or even passes away. The verses in the text that provide a methodology for the use of the Vimshottari dasha for making accurate predictions are invaluable to any serious student of Jyoitsha.

Webinar Content

In this lively, four-hour interactive webinar you will learn:

  • A literal translation of the 42 Sanskrit shlokas with a word for word parsing of each, along with a correct understanding of their meaning
  • The classification of planets for each ascendant based on house lordship and the principles underlying these
  • How to determine the superior versus inferior raja yogas for each ascendant
  • House lords that give raja yoga by association
  • In what sense the lords of the trishadaya houses (3, 6, 11) become "inauspicious."
  • The primary and secondary marakas (death inflictors) for each ascendant
  • How to determine in what sub-periods the raja yoga potential of a major period lord will fructify
  • How to determine in any period or sub-period whose effects will predominate
  • How to determine which marakas are most likely to bring suffering or even transition if the ayus has expired.

All the learning points will be profusely illustrated using the charts of well-known individuals as well as those drawn from client files. Subsequent to the webinar students will receive the extensive written document associated with this webinar to support further study and absorption of the knowledge. They will also receive a recording of the full four hours of the webinar for additional reference.

Webinar Details

Date:Sunday, September 3, 2017
Time:7:00 to 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (-7)
Requirements:Understanding of the basics Jyotisha
$90 before August 15
$108 Thereafter