The Jyotisha Mentorship Program

Vedic Astrology is a complex, technical subject that has been compared to a vast ocean. Attempting to learn it from books and even classes can quickly give you the feeling of drowning in a sea of different approaches, and oftentimes conflicting information. To truly gain proficiency an experienced and knowledgeable teacher is needed. I was incredibly blessed in my life to have the mentorship of K.N. Rao, one of the world's foremost teachers and practitioners of Jyotisha, and I benefited immensely from the experience.

Twenty years later, I would like to offer that same benefit to students who recognize the value of individual guidance and a structured, systematic approach to their development as a jyotishi.

I am pleased to announce then the Jyotisha Mentorship Program, a unique individual learning opportunity.

Features and Benefits

  • Needs Assessment
  • Developmental Plan
  • Individual Tutoring
  • Guided Small Group Meeting/Support
  • Auxiliary Reading
  • Group Research Projects/Publications
  • Discount For Online Courses

Needs Assessment

After acceptance into the program an assessment will be made of your current level of understanding and proficiency to identify those aspects of Jyotisha that need development.

Developmental Plan

Based on this needs assessment a written developmental plan will be created to address these and will be periodically updated.

Individual Tutoring

The core element of this program is monthly individual tutoring sessions focused on topics identified in the ongoing needs assessment and developmental plans.

Monthly Small Group Meetings/Support

Participants will be formed into "cadres" or small teams based on their level (beginner/intermediate/advanced), and will have the opportunity to participate in guided small group discussions that foster and support learning.

Auxiliary Reading

As a part of their development plan, students will guided in assigned reading aimed at augmenting the tutoring sessions.

Group Research Projects/Publications

Students will have the opportunity to participate in group research projects leading to publication aimed at making original contributions to the field of Vedic astrology in the modern era.

Online Course Discount

Those accepted in the program will be eligible for taking any online course offerings of mine at a discounted price.


Students at all levels are welcome to apply. However, a limited number of applicants will be accepted and only on a select basis. Preference is for students with the following profile:

  • College and/or advanced degree (demonstrates intellectual/learning capacity)
  • On a spiritual path and engaged in regular spiritual practice
  • Birth chart that shows a good capacity for Jyotisha
  • Willing and able to devote time weekly to their study of Jyotisha.
  • Willing and able to make a minimum three month commitment to the program
  • Good oral and written communication skills


Interested student may apply by submitting an application which can be download from here. Please complete and return to

Also please understand that applying does not commit you to anything.


$108 per month.