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Do you find Vedic Astrology fascinating? Would you like to gain more knowledge and understanding of this ancient astrological science of India without resorting to dry and ponderous textbooks?   If so, you may be interested in my articles. Written in an engaging story-telling style, many students over the past two decades have told me that these are among the best material on the subject that they've ever encountered.   Rich in content, yet easy to read, they bring alive the many techniques of interpretation and prediction of this fascinating science. These techniques are very clearly explained and then profusely illustrated both with the charts of world famous personalities, and also with those of people to whom I've given successful predictions.   Although written for students of all levels, they do presume at least a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology.   The following titles are immediately available and I will be adding one each month.


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  • That Yogaj Combination Redux


    In a previous article, master jyotishi, Marc Boney, demonstrated how Venus-Rahu or Rahu-Venus periods oftentimes bring significant developments in a person's relationship life, independent of their position or lordship in the birth chart or navamsha. Included in this were many examples of successful predictions of marriages made on this basis. In this follow- on article, he shares his researc…Read More

  • It Could Happen To You


    Sudden wealth can come to an individual in a number of ways. A person can win the lottery, or inherit unexpectedly, or they can be an entrepreneur whose company goes public and after a stock evaluation become instant millionaires, at least on paper. In all such instances the potential for this sudden wealth is reflected in their birth charts and involves a particular set of astrological factors. I…Read More

  • Lord Yama Pays A Visit


    According to the classical interpretive principles of Jyotisha, certain planets take on the role of marakas, or “death-givers.” These are the planets who in their periods become eligible for marking the time when the soul passes from the body. In this article, master jyotishi, Marc Boney, instructs students as to which planets play this role for each ascendant, and teaches you to distinguish betwe…Read More

  • Graha Shanti

    5 out of 5

    It is both purposeful and significant that the word used in Jyotiṣa for the planets is grahas, a Sanskrit word whose root meaning is “to seize or grasp.” Like all the technical terms used in Jyotiṣa, this word is plainly suggestive of the universal forces it describes in so far as their effect. If the planets can be said to “grasp” us, it should be clearly understood that they do so wi…Read More

  • Elegant Simplicity


    In the Jaimini system of Jyotisha major life events such as career rise, marriage and child birth are oftentimes revealed in a very simple and elegant way involving just a few factors. In this e-book master jyotishi, Marc Boney, teaches students a systematic, step-by-step method for making startlingly easy predictions using Chara Dasha, a primary predictive tool. A must read for anyone who wishes …Read More

  • The Icarus Factor


    In the Sanskrit classics of Jyotisha planetary combustion and war are two conditions of planets that are considered highly unfavorable. The first occurs when planets are too close in longitude to the Sun, and the latter is when two planets are within less than an degree of longitude of each other. All the natural significations of these planets, as well as those of the houses they rule, are said t…Read More

  • Iron and Steel


    In the astrology of an ancient India, Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, and Saturn are designated as two dire natural malefics. As such, when these two run as a planetary period and sub-period, either as Rahu-Saturn or Saturn-Rahu, it can bring a very challenging time in a person's life. In this illuminating article, master Jyotishi, Marc Boney, teaches students the conditions under which thi…Read More

  • Jai Guru Dev


    In the spiritual tradition of ancient India the Guru is a central figure and is considered essential for making progress towards the goal of God-Realization. This intriguing article explores the astrology of when spiritual teachers and other important mentors come into a person's life using the charts of famous guru-disciple meetings such as Yogananda with his teacher, Sri Yukteshwar, Swami V…Read More

  • Double Trouble Or Saving Grace?


    In Vedic astrology a truly debilitated planet is said to give weak and unfavorable results. All of its significations and those of the houses it rules suffer, and it won't give the results of any yogas in which it participates in its periods and sub-periods. Conversely, when a planet is vargottama, or in the same sign both in the birth chart and the navamsha, this is said to be a source of gr…Read More

  • The Astrology of Great Beings


    Graha Yogas are a very remarkable and unique feature of Vedic Astrology and one of its most powerful interpretive elements. The Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas, or” Five Combinations for Great Beings,” are among the most important of these. However, their appearance in a birth chart alone does not indicate the destiny of being a very notable person in society. In this 80 page article master jyotishi Mar…Read More