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Do you find Vedic Astrology fascinating? Would you like to gain more knowledge and understanding of this ancient astrological science of India without resorting to dry and ponderous textbooks?   If so, you may be interested in my articles. Written in an engaging story-telling style, many students over the past two decades have told me that these are among the best material on the subject that they've ever encountered.   Rich in content, yet easy to read, they bring alive the many techniques of interpretation and prediction of this fascinating science. These techniques are very clearly explained and then profusely illustrated both with the charts of world famous personalities, and also with those of people to whom I've given successful predictions.   Although written for students of all levels, they do presume at least a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology.   The following titles are immediately available and I will be adding one each month.


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  • Maharaja Yoga


    In the “Bible” of Vedic Astrology,” The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra,” there is a chapter on Raja Yogas, or planetary combinations that can elevate a person, give them status, and under the right conditions, even great “name and fame.” This 60 page article exams one of these combinations said to make a person a “Great King,” both from the perspective of the Parashari and Jaimini system of Jyotish…Read More

  • That Great Parashara Exception


    The effect ascribed to a debilitated planet in the classical text of Vedic astrology is that it is “weak” and therefore cannot give good and favorable results. However, there are many conditions also given in the ancient texts that modify and even reverse this indication. This article deals with one such special condition in which the debilitated planet not only doesn't give unfavorable r…Read More

  • A Sweet Lunar Love Affair


    There are a number of references in Maharishi Jaimini's Upadesha Sutras to the Moon-Venus combination, and the effect it can have in raising a person up in life and giving financial gains. However, it will only do so under certain conditions. In this small article (50 pages in manuscript form), the author instructs readers how to qualify this combination and to predict when it will give these…Read More

  • That “Yogaj” Combination


    In the Vimshottari Dasha of Vedic Astrology, the primary tool for timing events in a person's life, when a person runs either Venus-Rahu or Rahu-Venus, special things can happen. Often a very fated love affair comes into the person's life, frequently leading to marriage or a marriage-like situation. Depending on the disposition of these two planets, it can also bring a defining moment in…Read More

  • A Literary Love Affair


    What astrological factors and planetary combinations in a birth chart indicate the destiny to be a famous author of literature? This article answers this question in depth using both the Parashari and Jaimini approaches to chart analysis and the timing of events within Vedic astrology. Consisting of over 100 pages in manuscript form, and using the charts of 20 famous literary geniuses such as Jane…Read More

  • An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery


    In Vedic astrology when a planet in a birth chart is in its debilitation sign, like Venus in Virgo, it is said to be “neecha” or “fallen,” and therefore incapable of giving good results in its period and sub-periods. All of what it signifies, such as love relationships for Venus, suffer, as well as the significations of the houses of the birth chart that it rules. However, there are certain condit…Read More

  • The Mighty Mouse of Matchmakers


    This lengthy article presents a clear, step-by-step methodology from predicting marriage astrologically using the planet with the lowest degrees of celestial longitude in a birth chart. Known as the “Darakaraka” or “indicator of spouse” in the Jaimini system of Vedic Astrology, the author demonstrates how using this factor along with Jaimini's sign-based timing periods has enabled him to succ…Read More

  • The Pillar of Life


    The 1st house/1st lord are among the most important factors in a birth chart and are the “pillar” upon which it stands. Many favorable yogas given in the ancient texts require that these two factors be “strong” in order for other planetary combinations to give their beneficial effects. This 70 page article provides a thorough, systematic methodology for assessing the strength and over-all conditio…Read More

  • Light on Yogas


    The essence of Jyotisha, the ancient astrological science of India, is yogas and dashas. Yogas, or planetary combinations, show the potential for different life experiences resulting from the soul's karma or the fruits of their past actions in previous lives, while dashes, or planetary periods, show when in their life time an individual will experience these fruits. From this standpoint, the …Read More

  • The 10th Part of Glory


    To thoroughly assess an individual's karmic potential with regards to career success, achievements, and status in life, as well to time significant events, the ancient classics of Jyotisha recommend the use of the dashamsha, or the tenth divisional. This unique and original research by the author demonstrates how planets that appear in the lagna, or first house of this division can give parti…Read More