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Do you find Vedic Astrology fascinating? Would you like to gain more knowledge and understanding of this ancient astrological science of India without resorting to dry and ponderous textbooks?   If so, you may be interested in my articles. Written in an engaging story-telling style, many students over the past two decades have told me that these are among the best material on the subject that they've ever encountered.   Rich in content, yet easy to read, they bring alive the many techniques of interpretation and prediction of this fascinating science. These techniques are very clearly explained and then profusely illustrated both with the charts of world famous personalities, and also with those of people to whom I've given successful predictions.   Although written for students of all levels, they do presume at least a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology.   The following titles are immediately available and I will be adding one each month.


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  • The Soul Quality of Saints

    5 out of 5

    in the Upadesha Sutras of Maharishi Jaimini the author states that the degree of bondage or spiritual liberation of the soul can be assessed by seeing the over-all condition and disposition of the atmakaraka, the planet with the highest degrees in a birth chart. This 50 page article tests that hypothesis by examining the birth charts of 15 great spiritual luminaries such a Paramahansa Yogananda, R…Read More

  • The Astrology of Enlightenment


    In ancient India, the astrological sages of the Vedic civilization perceived that Ketu (the south node of the Moon) was the graha or planetary entity that signified kaivalya or spiritual liberation. This fascinating article explores the astrological combinations given in two authoritative ancient texts, the Brihat Parshara Hora Shastra and Jaimini's Upadesha Sutras, for achieving the state of…Read More

  • Checkmate!


    It is estimated that 605 million people world-wide have played chess at some point in their life, and that 285 million are regularly playing online in the present age. No game has ever captured the interest of so many for so long in the history of humankind. Using five charts of some of the greatest chess champions of all time, this articles explores the astrological factors that made Jose Capabla…Read More

  • Gocharaphala


    This article demonstrates how the transits of Jupiter and Saturn can be used to “clinch” predictions about such important life events as career rise, marriage, and birth of children. It also discusses the sade sati, or the seven and a half year period of Saturn's transiting influence on the signs before, of, and after the position of the natal Moon, and how to accurately assess its effects…Read More

  • Hollywood Nights


    “Talent,” and “Dramatic Arts” are among the lesser known meanings of the 3rd house as given in the ancient classics of Jyotisha. In this intriguing article the author explores the hypotheses that this house and its lord will be significantl and prominent in the charts of famous Hollywood movie stars, and that they will obtain fame in the dramatic arts in planetary periods associated with the 3r…Read More

  • Golden Keys to Jyotish


    Aimed at all levels of students, this highly instructive article is a very detailed and comprehensive commentary on a key chapter in the “Bible” of Vedic Astrology, the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, concerning the effects of planets due to their lordship of houses. Planets become “functional benefics” or “functional malefics” based on the interpretative principles given there. It also identifi…Read More

  • Intricate Patterns of Destiny


    The real secret to making accurate predictions with Jyotish, the ancient astrological science of India, lies in the use of the different vargas, or divisional charts. Without them, as renowned astrologer K.N. Rao once said, “Jyotish becomes something of a crude affair.” With them, it becomes sophisticated, precise, and breathtakingly accurate.

    This article, which in manuscript fo…Read More