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Do you find Vedic Astrology fascinating? Would you like to gain more knowledge and understanding of this ancient astrological science of India without resorting to dry and ponderous textbooks?   If so, you may be interested in my articles. Written in an engaging story-telling style, many students over the past two decades have told me that these are among the best material on the subject that they've ever encountered.   Rich in content, yet easy to read, they bring alive the many techniques of interpretation and prediction of this fascinating science. These techniques are very clearly explained and then profusely illustrated both with the charts of world famous personalities, and also with those of people to whom I've given successful predictions.   Although written for students of all levels, they do presume at least a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology.   The following titles are immediately available and I will be adding one each month.


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  • To Tell The Truth


    Rectification of a birth time is one of the most difficult tasks with which an astrologer is faced. However, it is a very necessary one given that the time of most births are not recorded with exact accuracy. Even a birth time recorded to the minute frequently gives a degree of the ascendant that is on the edge between two signs. In such instances it is necessary to go through the process of “veri…Read More

  • The Guru’s Clue


    One primary technique for using Jaimini's sign-based dashas is to use the current sign period as a lagna and then interpret the planetary patterning from there. In this original research article, Marc Boney illustrates the role of parivarthana yogas or exchange of sign lords in enhancing and defining the results a period can bring using the charts of 20 world famous personalities. He also sha…Read More

  • The Kaleidoscope of Time


    The proper use of the Vimshottari Dasha for timing events in a person’s life involves a process of seeing the over-all condition and disposition of the dasha lord not just from the birth lagna, but also from alternative perspectives such as from the Moon (Chandra lagna) as well as dasha lagna. The latter means using the position of the major period lord as if it were the lagna and reading the patt…Read More

  • Courtesy of a King’s Courtier


    The Jaimini system within Vedic Astrology is a unique method for analyzing a birth chart and timing events in a person's life. This article shows the use of the amatya karaka or “indicator of an important person,shown by the planet with the second highest degrees in a chart, to predict a rise in a person's career and for seeing when they will become a more important person. This techniqu…Read More

  • A Night at the Grammy Awards


    After twenty years in the industry and nine albums, musical artist Bonnie Raitt had enjoyed some critical success, but had yet to hit “the big time.” However, shortly after moving from her Jupiter to Saturn period, enormous commercial success and four Grammy Awards in one evening changed that forever. This instructive article explores the astrology of sudden fame in her life and that of Aretha Fra…Read More

  • Of Elephants, Lions and Skyhooks


    Few people have ever dominated a sport like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did basketball for a period of 27 years. He will forever be a legend of the game, and the extraordinary Gaja Kesari Yoga or “Elephant-Lion Combination” in his birth chart tells the story. What makes it special, and how it clearly indicated that he was destined for athletic glory is the subject of this engrossing astrological look at t…Read More

  • Tattoos and Tomb Raiders


    In our celebrity-obsessed society, few people draw more media attention than Angelina Jolie. Her life has long been the source of fascination for the general public, and her Vedic birth chart is no less fascinating, revealing her unique destiny as an Oscar-winning actress, femme fatale, mother to six and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. In this article, her chart is used to illustrate a…Read More

  • Born to Perform


    In 2013 at the tender age of 22 actress Jennifer Lawrence won as Oscar for Best Actress and made Time Magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, among many other honors. This incredible success and fame at so young an age has come shortly after she entered her Jupiter period in Vedic Astrology. This article looks at the many powerful fame-giving planetary combinations in…Read More

  • Crowning Glory


    In Vedic astrology when Jupiter falls in the 8th from the position of the Moon, it is generally said to be an unfavorable patterning that can give rise to very fluctuating fortunes in life. However, there is a special exception to this interpretive principle that “crowned” Gwenyth Paltrow with an Oscar. See why in this interesting account of Mukuta Yoga or “The Crown Combination.”…Read More

  • Mr. and Mrs. Swamiji


    What factors in a birth chart show the karma of having a very long, happy and spiritually based marriage? Using charts of a couple who are also ordained Swamis in the lineage of Kriya Yoga, this small article on Vedic Astrology explains these, as well as detailed methods for seeing spirituality in a birth chart, including the use of important divisional charts such as the navamsha, (D-9) and espec…Read More