I welcome you to the world of Jyotisha, the ancient astrological science of India—a world in which a magnificent order in the cosmos is revealed, and where free will and the law of action and reaction combine to weave a web of individual destiny present at birth and “written in the stars.”

Jyotirvidya-Home4A Spiritual Science

More commonly known in the west as “Vedic Astrology,” this form of astrology is entirely based on a spiritual point of view. Succinctly stated, this view is that your soul is moving along an evolutionary pathway through a series of reincarnations, each determined by your thoughts and actions in prior lives. The fruits of your past actions are your “karma,” and this is what your astrological birth chart reveals. The emphasis therefore in Vedic astrology is on understanding your soul’s karma in this lifetime.

In the spiritual tradition of ancient India, astrology is considered a sacred science. The Sanskrit word Jyotisha (pronounced jo-teesh), means “Science of Light,” as it is this science that sheds light on the fruits of your past actions. By revealing to you the state of your soul, it can serve as a guiding light in your life and ultimately light the way out of the illusory world of forms and back to the Divine.

Transforming Karma

Though all too often astrology becomes a mere fortune-telling device, its original and highest purpose in this tradition is as a valuable tool for counseling and alleviating suffering. Based on a diagnosis of your karma from your birth chart, specific “upayes” or remedial measures can be prescribed. Through these methods and divine grace, your positive karmas can be enhanced and your negative karmas can be modified.

An Invitation

Should you wish to enter this fascinating world through a course of study or a consultation, I would be honored to serve as your guide! To read and understand more about the connection between astrology, karma and reincarnation download a free article by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Saraswati Vidya Bhavan - the home temple on Marc's property in Cardiff

Saraswati Vidya Bhavan - the home temple on Marc's property in Cardiff